Our rag wreath workshops

We love our rag wreath workshops and they have been one of the most popular since we opened in October 2017 so we’re guessing you do too. These were one of the first workshops we ran when we first set up the shop and were finding our feet. We had such a lot of fun with great people, and the closer we got to Christmas, wine started to replace the tea and coffee in the breaks.

We stopped running the classes in January, but due to popular demand (we love getting your feedback, thank you) we’ve put them back on our timetable. We have since been busy with groups making baby, spring, summer and even wedding wreathes!

This Christmas we have adapted them so you can make a pretty garland! The options with this fun, no-sew craft are endless and every single one made is so individual. It's fascinating to watch people choosing their colours carefully, and trying to work out what it will look like when it’s finished. They are always pleasantly surprised at how different it looks to how they imagined when it’s completed!

Glen Wilkins